Khanabadosh ki Diary En route nowhere
My thoughts drift back to erect nipple wet dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the Great Homecoming Fuck Fantasy. I am so happy that I am alive, in one piece and short. I’m in a world of shit… yes. But I am alive. And I am not afraid. - Private Joker
Full Metal Jacket
one more day then I’ll be into the wild.

one more day then I’ll be into the wild.

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अप्रैल का वो महिना, मैं, मेरी टेबल, कैलकुलस की किताब, ठंडी ख़स की हवा फेंकता खड़ खड़ करता कूलर, जगजीत साब की वोह पुरानी कैसेट और अदरक वाली चाय। आज बहुत याद आ रहा है। 

// новое начало//



It was not a sunday bloody sunday for a change. How could it be, I was going to C. International School, it was almost like travelling back in time (minus the people) but if you have a strong psych, you can probably feel them too. I was excited. No. no.. I never studied there. Then, why was I excited? 

Its a long story and I am sleepy, so I’ll just cut it short, this was the place where I fell for a girl, she came as a foreign intern to this school from Germany. I was part of the project. A good amount of my time was spent here to make her Incredible India experience more incredible. She was here for just 42 days nahhh 35 days she went to Agra, Jaipur et al for 7 days. 

She came, she conquered ( me of course) and then she left. But those memories are still there and each building of this place is witness to it or I should say is a part of it.   
Plus, today was the onset of the same project for this year, through which she came. 

It was a funny feeling for me. She was running all over in my mind. A presentation was started in my mind, with her photograph (God, she was beautiful) as the first slide. On the bottom of the slide it was written, press enter to begin. I was like what the hell! But the moment I entered the campus, the presentation started. 

I was missing her heavily now. 

I enter the auditorium ( where the ceremony was about to take place ) and the first thing I see is people dancing on ultra hip songs ( which I heavily dislike) .. amidst all of this cacophony, I see HER. 

All of a sudden the presentation which was running for past 4 hours stops. My ears act as 100% noise cancellation device and only thing I could see is SHE.

Baai sab toh history hai.. (Rest is all history)

// C’est la vie//

He felt as if his life was struck in a fast rotating trance. It was an uneasy feeling for him. Nausea was increasing every moment with the thought that there was no way out.
All of a sudden he saw a gumti, he went and asked for a Marlboro Light, in the meantime he switched his ipod on and put it on shuffle mode.
He had a very close relationship with his ipod, it always knew his mood or what’s going on in his chaotic mind, it always played songs to balm him. The moment he clicked the play button, ear phones blared “I want to break free”. He smiled and kissed his ipod. He was making rings of smoke unknowingly. He saw them muttered “C’est la vie”

// इक बगल में चाँद होगा.. //

होनी और अनहोनी की परवाह किसे है मेरी जान, हद से ज्यादा येही होगा की हम यहीं मर जायेंगे. हम मौत को सपना बता कर उठ खड़े होंगे यहीं और होनी को ठेंगा दिखा कर खिलखिलाते जायेंगे. (पियूष मिश्रा)



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// Haalat-e-Zindagi//

Chaos prevails. Sanity vanishing. Precipitation of thoughts. Unsettling expectations. Rickety support. Mammoth dreams. Funny little needs. Unconditional love. Nomadic wonts. Psychedelic music. Punto-Contre Punto. Her touch. Impossible utopian dreams. Insatiable hunger. Her kiss. Pseudo life. Given and Denied. #life

In Italy they call you Medusa,
I call you curly, my tangler;
my heart knows the doorways of your hair.

Your touch
I can bargain it for my life
Your smile
Is the worth of my life
Your kiss
Is door to my heaven
Your hug
Is panacea for miseries of my life
Your hair
They smell like a lavender field
Your jokes
They are the ones who make my life giggle
Your breath
Its incense burning
You are my life, Delilah…

Memoirs of a khanabadosh who was lost in time.